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Paragon Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Atr stocks parts and products such as NTA14452-20A133, S7931000820600, S1121003090000, NTA11153-5K5, S5317222522401 from some of the top aerospace and aviation manufacturers in the United States. We use identification systems like NIIN and NSN to track parts like and ensure that our customers always get the Atr parts they need, and our expedited shipping and nation-spanning supply chain ensures that they get them as soon as possible. When you’re ready to begin, submit an Instant RFQ form for Atr part from this page to get a quote today.

Part No NSN Item Name QuantityQuantity RFQ
NTA14452-20A133 NA bushing Avl RFQ
S7931000820600 NA spacer Avl RFQ
S1121003090000 NA placard Avl RFQ
NTA11153-5K5 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
S5317222522401 NA angle Avl RFQ
E0444SE12-12PNA NA connectr Avl RFQ
NAS1750-03L7 NA rivet Avl RFQ
S5217671000800 NA NA Avl RFQ
S9110137300195 NA harness Avl RFQ
NTA11155-6H26 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
S1131029127300 NA placard Avl RFQ
MS17987-416 NA pin ay Avl RFQ
NTA11155-8K22 NA bolt Avl RFQ
NAS1305-13 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
S1131029122200 NA placard Avl RFQ
NTA11156-3-24 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
NSA5306-7 NA washer Avl RFQ
NAS6206X3 NA screw Avl RFQ
S2918012201600 NA pipe Avl RFQ
S271035A01-00 NA mod bonding of tab c Avl RFQ
S5751006200202 NA brushes Avl RFQ
S5287431100400 NA door Avl RFQ
S5527200520400 NA bushings Avl RFQ
ASNA0077C505 NA rivet Avl RFQ
S5751054300240 NA brushes Avl RFQ
S5751054300040 NA brushes Avl RFQ
S5287671220000 NA spring Avl RFQ
NAS6705UD6 NA bolt Avl RFQ
HL410VAP8-16 NA hi lok pin Avl RFQ
ASNA0077C502X NA rivet Avl RFQ
S5337123222401 NA extrusin Avl RFQ
S9251123901000 NA plate assembly Avl RFQ
NAS1474-08 NA nutplate steel Avl RFQ
S5701211220000 NA bushing Avl RFQ
S520050A01-02 NA placard cargo door Avl RFQ
S5357800820000 NA plug Avl RFQ
S5411082000000 NA housing assembly Avl RFQ
S530079A03-00 NA fuselage mod Avl RFQ
S2511053620100 NA placard Avl RFQ
S2828100020200 NA pipe Avl RFQ
S5721080800201 NA stiffenr Avl RFQ
S5217671620400 NA washer Avl RFQ
E0053R16B26SNE NA connectr Avl RFQ
NSA936507TG1602 NA terminal Avl RFQ
NSA5398-6-22 NA screw Avl RFQ
S5247740320000 NA pipe Avl RFQ
S5367129037202 NA support Avl RFQ
S5357280020102 NA shim Avl RFQ
S7931000500100 NA pipe Avl RFQ
ABS0114V4H3 NA bolt Avl RFQ
S1131237931000 NA placard safety Avl RFQ
ATR10058 NA bushing Avl RFQ
S5387250120105 NA panel Avl RFQ
S3611009700000 NA hose Avl RFQ
S5237662820000 NA housing Avl RFQ
NAS1152E3P NA screw Avl RFQ
S5397000421701 NA fitting Avl RFQ
S521033A02-00 NA NA Avl RFQ
S5761217500101 NA tip Avl RFQ
S2521707600000 NA lining Avl RFQ
S1131230022100 NA placard safety Avl RFQ
NAS1154E7P NA screw Avl RFQ
S2158148020000 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
S5307032722400 NA plate Avl RFQ
S300037A03-07 NA prov valve heater Avl RFQ
NSA5359-3-13 NA screw Avl RFQ
S5751050820600 NA retainer Avl RFQ
S5338973422400 NA bracket Avl RFQ
E0199-03-24K NA backshll Avl RFQ
NSA938621F05 NA connecir Avl RFQ
NAS1155E8 NA screw Avl RFQ
AN6289-5 NA nut Avl RFQ
E0197K1407SNA NA connectr Avl RFQ
S2911003600500 NA pipe assembly Avl RFQ
S9241209520000 NA support Avl RFQ
S1121200735400 NA placard Avl RFQ
NTA12350-4PAC3 NA rivet Avl RFQ
S2511016300110 NA panel Avl RFQ
S5367120922000 NA washer Avl RFQ
S610005A09-12 NA propeller brake Avl RFQ
NSA5535-090 NA clamp Avl RFQ
NSA5320-06 NA washer Avl RFQ
ABS0114T3H1 NA bolt Avl RFQ
S5391210020000 NA seal Avl RFQ
S5237610622800 NA bracket Avl RFQ
NAS1101-3-12 NA screw Avl RFQ
S9241024700000 NA support Avl RFQ
S1121005590000 NA placard safety Avl RFQ
ASNA2314-3-4 NA screw Avl RFQ
E0285-01 NA dischrgr Avl RFQ

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