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Paragon Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Carling Technologies Inc stocks parts and products such as 61152481, 61155221, 61155269, 61155311, 61156281 from some of the top aerospace and aviation manufacturers in the United States. We use identification systems like NIIN and NSN to track parts like and ensure that our customers always get the parts they need, and our expedited shipping and nation-spanning supply chain ensures that they get them as soon as possible. When you’re ready to begin, submit an Instant RFQ form from this page to get a quote today.

Part No RFQ
61152481 RFQ
61155221 RFQ
61155269 RFQ
61155311 RFQ
61156281 RFQ
61156439 RFQ
61156911 RFQ
62012432 RFQ
62112211 RFQ
62112379 RFQ
62115361 RFQ
62115379 RFQ
62116211 RFQ
62116239 RFQ
62116289 RFQ
62116379 RFQ
62116381 RFQ
62121369 RFQ
62122389 RFQ
62122411 RFQ
62125911 RFQ
62125971 RFQ
62126361 RFQ
62126379 RFQ
62126481 RFQ
62126911 RFQ
62141239 RFQ
62141329 RFQ
62141469 RFQ
AA1-B0-14-625-2D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-14-630-5B2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-16-630-5D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-20-625-2B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-21-625-2B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-22-280-1B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-22-430-1B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-22-450-1B2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-22-612-3B2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-22-640-5D1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-24-450-2A1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-24-475-1D1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-24-475-5D1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-410-1D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-450-1D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-460-5D1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-610-1D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-615-3G1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-620-1B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-620-3B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-620-3D1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-620-3G1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-625-5D2-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-630-4B1-C RFQ
AA1-B0-34-650-5D1-I RFQ
AA1-B0-36-610-3D1-C RFQ
AA1-B1-46-414-1B1-C RFQ
AA2-B0-24-620-5D1-C RFQ
AA2-B0-26-615-1B1-C RFQ
AA5-X0-03-556-4D1-C RFQ
AB2-B0-34-615-5D1-C RFQ
AB2-B0-34-630-3B1-I RFQ
AB3-B0-26-610-1B1-C RFQ
AB3-B2-46-620-5D1-C RFQ
AC1-B0-24-615-1F2-C RFQ
AC1-B0-24-620-1F2-C RFQ
AC1-B0-24-630-1F2-C RFQ
AC1-B0-34-620-1F1-C RFQ
AC1-B0-34-630-1G1-C RFQ
AC1-B0-44-620-1B1-C RFQ
AC2-B0-24-620-133-D RFQ
AC2-B0-26-620-111-D RFQ
AC2-B0-34-615-1F1-C RFQ
AE-B0-610-331-C RFQ
AF1-B0-46-475-131-D RFQ
AF2-B0-24-440-111-D RFQ
AG1-B2-12-610-313-AT RFQ
AJ1-B0-34-630-523-C RFQ
AJ1-B0-46-620-121-D RFQ
BA1-B0-16-425-221-D RFQ
BA1-B0-34-615-1A1-C RFQ
BA1-B0-52-620-411-D RFQ
BA2-B0-24-620-111-D RFQ
BA2-B0-46-620-211-D RFQ
BA3-B0-46-620-211-D RFQ
BB2-B0-44-610-111-D RFQ
C1005B-3B121BR3 RFQ
C11-B0-34-635-131-E RFQ
CA1-B0-12-670-321-E RFQ
CA1-B0-14-625-121-MG RFQ
CA1-B0-14-810-321-MJ RFQ
CA1-B0-20-630-121-D RFQ
CA1-B0-24-615-311-D RFQ
CA1-B0-24-620-111-C RFQ
CA1-B0-26-440-221-D RFQ
CA1-B0-42-625-121-KG RFQ
CA1-B2-34-640-111-D RFQ
CA1-B2-46-450-121-KG RFQ
CA2-B0-22-450-121-D RFQ
CA2-B0-24-630-121-D RFQ
CA2-B0-26-620-111-D RFQ
CA2-B0-34-660-321-I RFQ
CA2-B0-34-670-321-C RFQ
CA2-B0-42-410-121-D RFQ
CA2-B0-46-635-11D-C RFQ
CA3-B0-24-615-121-D RFQ
CA3-B0-34-610-121-D RFQ
CA3-X0-10-569-121-CJ RFQ
CB2-B0-46-620-121-D RFQ
CD1-B2-12-670-33A-C RFQ
CG1-B2-10-650-31A-C RFQ
CLB-033-11-B-3-A-B-A RFQ
CLB-053-11A3N-B-A RFQ
CLB-203-27E3N-B-A RFQ
CMB-053-11-C-3-N-B-D RFQ
CMB-053-27G3N-W-A 05 RFQ
CMB-103-27G3N-W-A RFQ
CMB-143-11C3N-B-A RFQ
CMB-153-11C3N-B-A RFQ
CMB-163-11-C-3-N-B-A RFQ
CT1-B5-14-810-321-C RFQ
CX1-B0-14-622-52B-10 RFQ
CX1-B0-14-635-62B-10 RFQ
CX1-X0-19-671-22A-12 RFQ
CX2-B0-14-650-52B-11 RFQ
CX2-B0-14-810-6GB-06 RFQ
DA1-B0-24-620-121-C RFQ
EA1-B0-26-450-42E-CB RFQ
EA2-B0-24-450-42E-GB RFQ
EA3-B0-24-475-12A-GB RFQ
EA3-B0-24-625-12A-GB RFQ
EA3-B0-66-635-32E-HB RFQ
EA3-X0-02-564-12A-BB RFQ
FA1-A2-03-825-32A-AA RFQ
FA1-B0-14-815-12B-BG RFQ
FA1-B0-14-825-42A-BG RFQ
FA1-B0-14-912-12A-BJ RFQ
FA1-B2-14-825-42B-BJ RFQ
FA1-B2-16-810-12A-BG RFQ
FA1-B4-14-815-12A-BG RFQ
FA2-B0-16-810-12A-BG RFQ
FA2-B2-12-815-12A-BG RFQ
FA2-B2-14-815-42A-BG RFQ
FA2-B2-14-917-12A-BG RFQ
FA2-B4-12-917-32A-BG RFQ
FA2-P0-14-830-22A-BT RFQ
FA2-P0-14-830-42A-BT RFQ
FA2-P0-16-835-22A-BT RFQ
FA3-PB-14-860-32A-BT RFQ
HK251-73 RFQ
HL254-73 RFQ
LS1545 RFQ
LS1565 RFQ
MA1-B-30-440-3-A22-2 RFQ
MA1-B-34-440-1-A32-B RFQ
MA2-A-03-625-1-A84-2 RFQ
MA2-B-12-630-3-A22-2 RFQ
MA2-B-24-420-1-A24-B RFQ
MA2-B-24-440-1-A14-2 RFQ
MA2-B-24-440-1-A24-B RFQ
MA2-B-24-460-1-A14-B RFQ
MA2-B-24-460-1-A27-B RFQ
MA2-B-24-610-1-A14-B RFQ
MA2-B-24-615-1-A26-2 RFQ
MA2-B-24-627-1-A24-B RFQ
MA2-B-32-420-1-A27-2 RFQ
MA2-B-32-480-1-A82-2 RFQ
MA2-B-32-610-1-A22-G RFQ
MA2-B-32-615-1-A15-2 RFQ
MA2-B-32-620-1-A22-2 RFQ
MA2-B-32-625-1-A14-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-420-3-A12-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-440-2-A15-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-450-1-A14-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-450-1-A16-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-450-1-A24-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-470-1-A16-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-610-1-A24-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-610-1-A25-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-610-1-A25-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-610-1-A36-2 RFQ
MA2-B-34-612-1-A32-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-613-1-A21-B RFQ
MA2-B-34-616-1-A24-B RFQ
MB2-B-34-615-1-A27-B RFQ
MB2-B-34-618-2-A26-B RFQ
MB2-B-34-625-1-A37-2 RFQ
MB2-B-92-615-1-A35-2 RFQ
MB2-S-34-620-2-A12-1 RFQ

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