Drive Cabinets Computer Hardware and Networking Parts List

At Paragon Purchasing, we have Drive Cabinets parts sourced from top established manufacturers such as Cru, Ibm, Pelican, Computer Exchange, Addon Computer and more. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we operate as an FAA AC 00-56B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise serving the civil and defense markets. Our extensive inventory of over six billion parts can help you find all you need, including Dock For De50 Ide Encl , Dock For De50 Usb-Ide Us P/S Tray Ide Us Power, Cru Acquisitions 0023-1000-5100 Dataport 2 Bays External Enclosure 2Bay Scsi U320 68Pin Incl Encl Power Supply Blk Rohs, Cru Acquisitions 0023-1000-9100 Dataport 2 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure 2Bay Scsi 68Pin Beige Encl W/Cables Terminator, 2Bay Esata Enclosure Black Withencl 2 Dataport 5+ Carriers and more. Our expert team can provide you with a competitive quote with some of the industry’s quickest lead-times for Drive Cabinets parts such as 0018-3050-5000, 0018-3050-5001, 0023-1000-5100, 0023-1000-9100, 0023-5010-5220 and more. We understand that sourcing the Drive Cabinets parts you need can be daunting, so we work with you to make it as simple as possible. Begin with us today by submitting an RFQ to receive a personalized quote in as little as 15 minutes.

Part Number's List for Drive Cabinets

Part No Manufacturer Description Quantity RFQ
0018-3050-5000 cru dock for de50 ide encl Avl RFQ
0018-3050-5001 cru dock for de50 usb-ide us p/s tray ide us power Avl RFQ
0023-1000-5100 cru cru acquisitions 0023-1000-5100 dataport 2 bays external enclosure 2bay scsi u320 68pin incl encl power supply blk rohs Avl RFQ
0023-1000-9100 cru cru acquisitions 0023-1000-9100 dataport 2 bay hard drive enclosure 2bay scsi 68pin beige encl w/cables terminator Avl RFQ
0023-5010-5220 cru 2bay esata enclosure black withencl 2 dataport 5+ carriers Avl RFQ
0023-5010-9220 cru 2bay esata beige enclosure withencl 2 dataport 5+ carriers Avl RFQ
0023-5160-5220 cru 2bay esata enclosure with de110encl Avl RFQ
0023-7180-5220 cru cru acquisitions 0023-7180-5220 hard drive enclosure 2bay sas/sata subsystem encl w/2x dx115 multilane 8470 Avl RFQ
0043-1000-5100 cru cru acquisitions 0043-1000-5100 dataport 4 bay storage enclosure 4bay scsi 68pin black encl w/cables terminator Avl RFQ
0043-7100-5140 cru 4 bay sas:sata enclosure, infiniband multilane (sff-8470) host connection. Avl RFQ
0043-7120-5240 cru cru acquisitions 0043-7120-5240 dataport 4-bay external enclosure 4bay sassata subsystem frcr w/ 4x dp10 multilane 8470 Avl RFQ
0044-7100-5140 cru cru acquisitions 0044-7100-5140 dataport hard drive mini storage subsystem 4bay mini 3.5in sas/sata encl 3gb hdd storage subsystem ml Avl RFQ
00AL348 ibm x3250 m5 hs 2.5in hd 4 to 8 upg kit Avl RFQ
00D2011 ibm 8x 2.5in hs sas sata ssd hd bckpl Avl RFQ
00D2022 ibm 8x 2.5in hs sas sata ssd hd bckpl Avl RFQ
00D2024 ibm exflash 8x 1.8in hswap sas ssd bckpl Avl RFQ
00D2590 ibm ibm sys x3300 simple-swap sata kit Avl RFQ
00D2607 ibm ibm sas cable upgrade kit for two raid array eu req sas cbl upg kit two raid array raid adpt Avl RFQ
00D9051 ibm x3630 m4 odd cage assy Avl RFQ
00Y7677 ibm x3650m4 16x 2.5in hs hd assy 2 expanders Avl RFQ
00Y8546 ibm nextscale stor native exp tray Avl RFQ
0350-341-000 pelican 0357 cube case mobility packagecase removeable casters and pull strap Avl RFQ
06P5736 computer exchange ibm serverraid 4mx u160 s ibm Avl RFQ
06P5736-U computer exchange ibm serverraid 4mx u160 s ibm reman Avl RFQ
0G302D-AAR addon computer refurb sata hard drive tray/ tray caddy dell d981c 0d981c y973c j105c Avl RFQ
0S03829 hgst wd branded 2.5in softcase case Avl RFQ
10800203-001 overland storage s/k shipping assy 2u arc accs Avl RFQ
128GT dell scsi 80pin lff hard drive tray tray special sourcing see notes Avl RFQ
1400-300-110 pelican 1400pf panel frame kit accs for 1400 case Avl RFQ
150CADSBK startech 150cadsbk extra hard drive caddy extra black hard drive caddy tray for drw150satbk Avl RFQ
15433 coolmax technology coolmax cd-350-u3 drive dock - external - black coolmax 3in1 adapter w/ usb3.0 conv and otb function cd-350-u3 Avl RFQ
172701X-IM ibm ibm systems storage for exp3000encl certified pre-owned im warr note Avl RFQ
172701X-IM-KIT2 ibm exp3000 storage syst roeing encl certified pre-owned im warranty Avl RFQ
172702T ibm eu req sys storage exp3000 dc pwr model ds3500 Avl RFQ
17331RU U computer exchange ibm exp400 stor expansion unit Avl RFQ
1812-81A ibm ds4000 exp810 expansion unit encl model 81 Avl RFQ
181281H U computer exchange ibm ds4000 exp810 expansion unit Avl RFQ
183400 maxell lto cartridge memory analyzer accs with barcode Avl RFQ
1F912 dell scsi low profile lff hard drivetray special sourcing see notes Avl RFQ
1F912-AA addon computer scsi hard drive tray/caddy delltray poweredege 1550 1650 1750 - 1f912 Avl RFQ
1SKB-R6020W skb cases corporation ata case 60 1/4x19 3/4x7 1/4 case adj corner cleat hook/loop foam Avl RFQ
1SKB19-RSF2U skb cases corporation studio flyer roto hard case blkcase 2u rack & laptop combo with wheels Avl RFQ
2174400 overland storage fru, enclosure, s50 (replacement only) Avl RFQ
2233-5730 atlantic disc storage module 26cd blk stnd holds 26 cds or 12dvds/blu-rays Avl RFQ
2406-0000-06 cru 6 pack blank programmable keys cpnt Avl RFQ
244059-B21 hp 2bay hot plug scsi drive cage encl disc prod rplcmnt prt see notes Avl RFQ
25-35ADAPTER-SATA kanguru solutions 2.5in to 3.5in sata adapter adap cartridge Avl RFQ
25025-NA transition networks ps 12vdv 1.25a 100-240vac pwr 15w max pse Avl RFQ
2583-AC1-8142 ibm raid 1 primary array sas 2 hd require Avl RFQ
2583-AC1-A195 ibm raid upg kit 2.5in hswap sas sata Avl RFQ
25SAT35HDD startech 2.5"" to 3.5"" sata aluminum hard drive adapter enclosure with ssd/hdd height up to 12.5mm 2.5inch to 3.5inch sata aluminum hard drive adapter enclosure with ssd / hdd hei Avl RFQ
25SATSAS35 startech 2.5in sata/sas ssd/hdd to 3.5in sata hard drive converter sata hard drive converter (25satsas35) Avl RFQ
28110 imation imation rdx storage enclosure drive, usb, 3.0, internal, 5.25"" rdx dock kit only Avl RFQ
28353 imation rdx dock 3.5in usb 3.0 internalencl no logo Avl RFQ
2863-004 ibm eu req ibm system storage exn4000 fc expansion unit Avl RFQ
29060 c2g make a portable storage device out of an old 2.5 hard drive Avl RFQ
30000-0410-0000 cru drive adapter 3525st; converts 2.5in sas Avl RFQ
30020-0003-0014 cru extra empty ide tray for traydock (tdk), traydock extreme (tdkex) or raidtech (r Avl RFQ
30020-0030-0016 cru sis-tray extra tray encl for silversata Avl RFQ
30030-0000-0005 cru carrying bag for dp10 carrier carr Avl RFQ
30030-0030-0030 cru dp10 3g carrier black with bag carr Avl RFQ
30100-0000-0021 cru hotplug kit 110v 1x mj us cpnt Avl RFQ
30100-0000-0025 cru hotplug kit 110v 5x mj us cpnt Avl RFQ
30340-1100-0101 cru teracard r680 pcie 2xr sata sascpnt 6gb/s lp 2x sff-8088 Avl RFQ
30410-1100-0002 cru redport sas/sata 6g encl Avl RFQ
31000-1094-0000 cru adav4 for disk-on-module adap Avl RFQ
31000-1097-0000 cru adav4-18-hit-zif v4 combo conv adapter for 1.8 hitachi zif Avl RFQ
31000-1098-0000 cru adav4-18-tosh-zif combo adapterconv for 1.8 inch toshiba zif drives Avl RFQ
31010-0430-0000 cru encryptor aes256 with keys encl Avl RFQ
31100-0000-0001 cru adav4-kit-1 combo adapter kit encl kit1 Avl RFQ
31100-0000-0002 cru v4 combo adapter kit #2 cpnt Avl RFQ
31100-0000-0004 cru adav4-kit-4 combo adapter kit conv adav4kitv4 with 7 adapters Avl RFQ
31205-2409-0000 cru wiebetech ultradock v4 drive dock ultradock v4 ide sata (3120524090000) Avl RFQ
31206-2409-0000 cru ultradock v4, fw800/fw400/esata/usb, access ide or sata drives, uk power plug, c Avl RFQ
31207-2409-0000 cru ultradock v4, fw800/fw400/esata/usb, access ide or sata drives, euro power plug, Avl RFQ
31220-0409-0000 cru labdock lds encl Avl RFQ
31250-1209-0000 cru usb drivedock v5 (3125012090000) Avl RFQ
31250-3209-0000 cru wiebetech ultradock v5 drive dock - external ultradock v5 (3125032090000) Avl RFQ
31251-1209-0000 cru usb drivedock v5 accesses the 4 most Avl RFQ
31251-3209-0000 cru ultradock Avl RFQ
31252-3209-0000 cru ultradock v5 Avl RFQ
31253-3209-0000 cru ultradock Avl RFQ
31290-0192-0000 cru usb datadiode encl Avl RFQ
31305-2409-0000 cru forensic v4 ultradock ide/sata conv Avl RFQ
31306-2409-0000 cru forensic ultradock, fw800/fw400/esata/usb, write-blocked access to ide or sata d Avl RFQ
31307-2409-0000 cru forensic ultradock, fw800/fw400/esata/usb, write-blocked access to ide or sata d Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0000 cru field kit a-0 case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0003 cru field kit a-3 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0004 cru forensic field kit a-4 conv Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0005 cru forensic field kit type b0 case holds upto 2 docks & 10 adapters Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0008 cru field kit b-3 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0009 cru field kit b-4 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0013 cru field kit a-5 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0014 cru forensic field kit a-6, pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes fudv5, usbwb, Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0018 cru field kit b-5 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0019 cru field kit b-6 us case Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0030 cru forensic field kit g-0 slots f/conv 1 rtx400h/600 & 6 hdd Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0040 cru kit i-0 rtx430 carrying case carr Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0041 cru kit i-1 rtx430-3qr with case usencl Avl RFQ
31310-0000-0048 cru field kit j-0 black case Avl RFQ

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