Westcode Semiconductor - List of Electrical Connector Parts

At Paragon Purchasing, we possess a broad range of Westcode Semiconductor electrical connectors, including Other Connectors with part numbers like M0859LCxx0, W1520ND500-600, M0130SL200-250, R0929LS10x-12x, D390CH18. As a website owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we source from some of the top manufacturers around the world, and organize an inventory of over six billion parts with easy-to-use search engines that let our customers find exactly the parts they need as quickly as possible. Submit an Instant RFQ form today, and enjoy the evolution of purchasing.

Part No RFQ
M0859LCxx0 RFQ
W1520ND500-600 RFQ
M0130SL200-250 RFQ
R0929LS10x-12x RFQ
D390CH18 RFQ
M1080LCxx0 RFQ
N630CH30 RFQ
SW16-24PHR320 RFQ
R1934ZC40x-44x RFQ
D350CH24 RFQ
R0964LS10x-12x RFQ
N0633NC580-650 RFQ
R1178NS12x-14x RFQ
N1400CH14 RFQ
N1463DH36 RFQ
N257CH38 RFQ
SM12-18PHN100 RFQ
R1994ZC36x-42x RFQ
R3559TC16x-20x RFQ
M2637ZCxx0 RFQ
N195PH12-16 RFQ
P855CH40 RFQ
R1279NC22x-25x RFQ
N310SH02-06 RFQ
N170CH12 RFQ
N1712VC240-300 RFQ
W1294ND500-600 RFQ
R0717LS14x RFQ
N1600CH08-12 RFQ
N282SH20 RFQ
R0717LS14x-16x RFQ
N1661VC300-360 RFQ
N310SH02 RFQ
S0600KC180 RFQ
SW04-15PHN470 RFQ
W1032LC500-560 RFQ
R180SH10-12 RFQ
N980CH16-22 RFQ
P201CH60 RFQ
N2840FC580 RFQ
R1158NC24x-26x RFQ
N850CH30 RFQ
H0900KC140 RFQ
N2849TC360-420 RFQ
N520SH12-15 RFQ
N540SH12-18 RFQ
N680SH20 RFQ
W0503RP160 RFQ
SM12-18PHN174 RFQ
M0334SP120 RFQ
M0872LCxx0 RFQ
N283SH12 RFQ
P0366WC06x-08x RFQ
R220SH10 RFQ
N1883CH20 RFQ
R0879LS16x-18x RFQ
R1863CH24-28 RFQ
W5838ZC120-220 RFQ
N2503TC450 RFQ
P1184NC30x RFQ
R395SH16 RFQ
W0508RP040-150 RFQ
N740SH12 RFQ
M0451YCxx0 RFQ
M0588LCxx0 RFQ
R3559TC16x RFQ
W5439VC020 RFQ
N1847TD580-650 RFQ
N635CH58-65 RFQ
N320CH40 RFQ
R3708FC40x-45x RFQ
N560CH40-45 RFQ
R350SH10 RFQ
N1663DH30-35 RFQ
M0225YFxx0 RFQ
W0614WC160-240 RFQ
R1158NC24x RFQ
R1280NC18x RFQ
R1279NC22x RFQ
M3770ZCxx0 RFQ
N600SH12 RFQ
N490SH20-26 RFQ
N350SH12-18 RFQ
SW02-12CXC935 RFQ
N3764FC450-520 RFQ
D391CH22-25 RFQ
D350CH24-26 RFQ
M1010NCxx0 RFQ
N1351VC400-450 RFQ
W5282ZC200 RFQ
M0233WC280 RFQ
N4156FC360-420 RFQ
M0114SRxx0 RFQ
N195PH12 RFQ
SW04-15PHN400 RFQ
M0759YCxx0 RFQ
N990CH12-16 RFQ
M0280SP200-250 RFQ
N370SH12-18 RFQ
W2416NC160-250 RFQ
N520SH12 RFQ
W0503RP160-240 RFQ
N1263CH45 RFQ
N1463DH36-42 RFQ
N0734YS120-160 RFQ
N0290SP120-160 RFQ
N600SH12-16 RFQ
N900CH20-26 RFQ
N390CH30-36 RFQ
R181SH14-16 RFQ
P214PH006 RFQ
M0280SP200 RFQ
N1600CH08 RFQ
P202CH12 RFQ
R3375ZC10x RFQ
R1966CH16 RFQ
R0929LS10x RFQ
N0335SP120 RFQ
N5107FC200-280 RFQ
R190SH12-14 RFQ
W0174RR060 RFQ
N610SH06-10 RFQ
R2717ZC16x-18x RFQ
R181SH14 RFQ
N630CH30-36 RFQ
N2543ZC240-300 RFQ
F0140NC18 RFQ
N0634LC380-420 RFQ
N1083CH58 RFQ
R610CH22-25 RFQ
M1565VCxx0 RFQ
N450SH20-26 RFQ
N1263DH45 RFQ
N195CH12-16 RFQ
P270PH04 RFQ
N4156FC360 RFQ
SW36-45CXC920 RFQ
N2418ZC300-360 RFQ
M0437WCxx0 RFQ
N990CH12 RFQ
P214CH06-08 RFQ
R1211NS10x RFQ
R1448NC14x RFQ
N1547NS160-200 RFQ
N850CH30-36 RFQ
W1748LC040-220 RFQ
N1863CH20 RFQ
N0290SP120 RFQ
N170CH12-16 RFQ
N1265LS120-150 RFQ
N2086NS060-100 RFQ
P0431SP04x RFQ
P410CH60 RFQ
N320CH40-45 RFQ
N1297NS200-260 RFQ
P440CH32-36 RFQ
W3743ZC400 RFQ
M0280RP200 RFQ
N275CH02-08 RFQ
N1132NC300-360 RFQ
W4534NC020 RFQ
P0515WC04x RFQ
N1400CH14-20 RFQ
P0311SP12x RFQ
P0248SP12x RFQ
M0104SRxx0 RFQ
M0268SP200-250 RFQ
P1007LS12x RFQ
N1042LS120-180 RFQ
N0392WC120-160 RFQ
N360CH30-38 RFQ
G2000NC450 RFQ
N283SH12-16 RFQ
W7675ZC020-140 RFQ
N1063DH58-65 RFQ
N3764FC450 RFQ
N760CH18 RFQ
N880CH24-30 RFQ
M0139RR120 RFQ
W2958NC280-350 RFQ
P0063SR02x-12x RFQ
P0327WC12x RFQ
R1200CH10-12 RFQ
N560CH40 RFQ
W2820VC360-450 RFQ
N1063DH58 RFQ
P0349LC600-650 RFQ
M1825NCxx0 RFQ
N0992YS020-060 RFQ
N280SH12-16 RFQ

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