Xicor - List of Electrical Connector Parts

At Paragon Purchasing, we possess a broad range of Xicor electrical connectors, including Other Connectors with part numbers like X5648-4-5A, 422-2310, 436-1700, X4643V8I2-7A, 436-1121. As a website owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we source from some of the top manufacturers around the world, and organize an inventory of over six billion parts with easy-to-use search engines that let our customers find exactly the parts they need as quickly as possible. Submit an Instant RFQ form today, and enjoy the evolution of purchasing.

Part No RFQ
X5648-4-5A RFQ
422-2310 RFQ
436-1700 RFQ
X4643V8I2-7A RFQ
436-1121 RFQ
42IF223 RFQ
412-209053 RFQ
X25128S14-27 RFQ
419-20416 RFQ
361-0218 RFQ
447-XYP1BF145 RFQ
42TL004 RFQ
42TM008 RFQ
42XL002-RC RFQ
41FJ600 RFQ
X24320S8-25 RFQ
42TU400-RC RFQ
419-10913 RFQ
419-10510-USB RFQ
42TM023 RFQ
42TL028-RC RFQ
42IF124-RC RFQ
X24128PI-18 RFQ
412-112044 RFQ
42TL031 RFQ
X40431-A RFQ
35LS124 RFQ
412-109063 RFQ
419-10913-4WM-RCX RFQ
412-112012 RFQ
420-8801 RFQ
436-1070-RC RFQ
41PG600 RFQ
X4003-2-7 RFQ
412-124044 RFQ
X25080V-27 RFQ
42KL002 RFQ
X25330S8I-25 RFQ
X28C513-90 RFQ
X4285S82-7A RFQ
X20C04-20 RFQ
X24001-2-7 RFQ
X4043S84-5A RFQ
436-0222-RC RFQ
X76F640W-27 RFQ
42TL020 RFQ
42TL218 RFQ
X24128SI-18 RFQ
419-23320-3 RFQ
436-1800-RC RFQ
X4283-4-5A RFQ
42IF110-RC RFQ
419-20416-3 RFQ
447-XYP1BF145-RC RFQ
42TL001-RC RFQ
42TU013 RFQ
X24022SM-27 RFQ
42TM117-RC RFQ
X5645-4-5A RFQ
X76F640X-27 RFQ
42XL001 RFQ
419-20520-3 RFQ
41FD200 RFQ
419-10505-UCB RFQ
X9429WVI-2-7 RFQ
X24042P-27 RFQ
447-XYP2BN099-RC RFQ
412-224054 RFQ
42TU120 RFQ
42XL001-RC RFQ
412-212051 RFQ
X25097V-18 RFQ
X4043-2-7 RFQ
X25041SI-27 RFQ
X84161PI-25 RFQ
42KM001 RFQ
436-1170 RFQ
42KM006-RC RFQ
X84041-3 RFQ
436-2320-RC RFQ
419-12419-4 RFQ
X9430-2-7 RFQ
X25040-3 RFQ
419-10510USB240V RFQ
X25097-1-8 RFQ
436-0152 RFQ
429-7218-RC RFQ
447-XYP2BN126-RC RFQ
X25128-2-7 RFQ
42TL025-RC RFQ
42TM003 RFQ
412-109124 RFQ
436-5121-RC RFQ
419-20520-2 RFQ
444-GT-90L RFQ
X20C16-55 RFQ
X4043-1-8 RFQ
X24022PM-27 RFQ
X24C01-2-7 RFQ
41PK200 RFQ
X25057-1-8 RFQ
X5168-2-7 RFQ
42TM028-RC RFQ
X25256-2-5 RFQ
436-5121 RFQ
X24325VI-27 RFQ
36NE003 RFQ
412-212104 RFQ
42TL006-RC RFQ
412-212054 RFQ
36NE051 RFQ
420-8810-RC RFQ
436-1222-RC RFQ
42TL004-RC RFQ
419-11238-4-RCX RFQ
X4043P84-5A RFQ
420-8806 RFQ
X25320S-27 RFQ
X24164S8M-27 RFQ
X40626V142-7A RFQ
429-7201 RFQ
352-0104 RFQ
42KM014-RC RFQ
42TL023 RFQ
X25057M-27 RFQ
X84041P-27 RFQ
X9418W RFQ
42TM027 RFQ
436-2601-RC RFQ
430-1096 RFQ
X84129P-18 RFQ
419-21508 RFQ
41LG300 RFQ
42IF224-RC RFQ
X25057M-18 RFQ
X9418W-2-7 RFQ
X25160VM-27 RFQ
419-10618-3 RFQ
X4285V8I4-5A RFQ
42TM114-RC RFQ
419-23320 RFQ
X5649-2-7 RFQ
X9312T RFQ
X25041P-27 RFQ
X4005M8I4-5A RFQ
X4045S82-7 RFQ
X25650-2-5 RFQ
42IF202-RC RFQ
X24640V20I-18 RFQ
X24256-2-5 RFQ
41AC117 RFQ
X4045S82-7A RFQ
X9430Y-2-7 RFQ
447-XYP2BN127-RC RFQ
42TL017-RC RFQ
412-106011 RFQ
X24022S-27 RFQ
420-8815-RC RFQ
X84641S8-25 RFQ
X24640S8I-25 RFQ
436-1800 RFQ
X25021PI-27 RFQ
436-0300-RC RFQ
42IF104 RFQ
419-10523 RFQ
41PK100 RFQ
447-XYP2BN134 RFQ
42IF122 RFQ
419-11210-4WM-RCX RFQ
420-8814 RFQ
X84129PI-25 RFQ
X24640PI-18 RFQ
420-8806-RC RFQ
X24012SI-27 RFQ
X25160SM-27 RFQ
X25330V14-25 RFQ
X25330V14I-25 RFQ
429-7218 RFQ
X9315WP-27 RFQ
X9428-2-7 RFQ
436-3600 RFQ
447-XYP2BN110 RFQ
X28C010-20 RFQ
412-112014 RFQ
42KM002-RC RFQ
436-1301-RC RFQ
X4043P82-7A RFQ
35LT003 RFQ
X4323S84-5A RFQ
X5329-2-7A RFQ
X40626S142-7A RFQ
420-8815 RFQ
X24325PI-27 RFQ
X25320VI-27 RFQ
X40011-A RFQ
419-20618 RFQ
X25642V-27 RFQ
X4643S82-7A RFQ

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