The Many Types of Light Fixtures

A light fixture is a type of housing for bulbs or lamps that connects them to an electrical supply. Light fixtures can vary greatly, with their characteristics including intended application, type of light fixture, bulb type, and electrical requirements. Light fixtures have use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. This blog will explain some of the types of light fixtures, their differences, and their applications.

 Types of Light Fixtures

The first type of light fixtures is called architectural luminaires. These are lamps that cover permanently installed lighting devices such as ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, downlights, chandeliers, and track lighting. Generally speaking, architectural luminaires refers to any lighting that has aesthetic characteristics and is used for general purpose illumination. A further example of these light fixtures is street lamps and path lighting.

Another type of light fixtures, flashing or strobe lights, are found emergency signals, aircraft navigation lights, highway barricade markers, and more. Strobe lights are easily recognizable by their brief, powerful, repetitive flashes of light. The frequency and intensity of the flash can be adjusted, making them useful for stop-motion applications. Strobe lights often use a revolving lens to project a beam through a circle. This type of light fixture is commonly known as a beacon. Strobe lights are very common on aircraft.

Floodlights, also known as spotlights, are used in both permanent and temporary applications to illuminate large areas or highly-focused areas on objects of importance. Floodlights also have many applications. Homeowners use them to light their driveway, and police cars use them to illuminate their immediate surroundings. Desk and task lights offer local illumination for close-quarters work at a desk, workbench, or similar. This includes machine lighting, examination lighting, and more. The cockpit lighting of aircraft is considered task lighting. Many of them are also affixed with magnifying lenses and are typically adjustable to allow them to focus on a certain area of a component being worked on.

Another important type of light fixture is emergency or egress lighting. This includes exit signs, battery backup lighting, stairwell lighting, and other types of lighting designed to operate once power fails. Their purpose is typically to illuminate a clear pathway to the exit of a building. This type of lighting often uses battery power since this will not be affected by an interruption of the normal power service. Many configurations also feature onboard chargers, test switches, and built-in ammeters.

The final two types of light fixtures this blog will cover are underwater lights and ultraviolet (UV) lights. Underwater lights are found in swimming pools, fountains, and more, using lights rated for immersion. Lights in swimming pools are typically enclosed in areas where the lamp is safe from exposure to water. The housing can be easily removed and brought above the surface for maintenance. Ultraviolet or UV lights are used by doctors, dentists, painters, and others to detect infections and as a means to improve epoxy fillings, paints, and similar products. UV lights can also be used for water purification. A UV water purifier exposes living organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and cysts to germicidal UV wavelengths, thereby disrupting the DNA of pathogenic organisms, preventing them from spreading through water.

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November 20, 2023

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