What are Aviation Standard Parts?

As with any part that is to be installed on an aircraft, it must meet some type of FAA qualification to be legally installed on aircraft and considered airworthy. An important certification of compliance regarding aviation parts is being approved as a “Standard Part”. Standard parts are components and materials that conform to an established industry or US government published specification. This can mean they meet specifications such military standard, aviation standard, or nas standards, and the qualification and approval of these articles is given by the FAA.

Standard parts are not defined by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 14, and the FAA has published more non-regulatory interpretations regarding the criteria that must be met. To explain the interpretation in short, a part must adhere to established industry or US Government specifications in regards to design, manufacturing, test and acceptance, and uniform identification requirements. Parts also must surpass other criteria such as performance, testing, and include all necessary information for manufacturing, and more. Originally, the FAA set standard parts criteria as those having to meet specific design, materials, manufacture, and uniform identification, but with the rise of components such as discrete electrical parts, the FAA has also created an interpretation for those based on performance criteria, rather than physical configuration.

With every standard part, they must be manufactured as per published specifications and the set out criteria. Those parts that are manufactured without published specifications are not considered standard parts. An example is with the plethora of parts, such as fasteners that enter the industry every year, it remained difficult to obtain parts manufacturer approval for every unique fastener. To remedy this, the FAA began issuing technical standard orders (TSO) to provide certification for these parts to be produced with approval. The Fastener Quality Act enacted in 1990 also helped to ensure the quality and legitimacy of aircraft fastener entering the commercial market.

In all, it is important to procure and use parts that are standard parts, or hold some sort of approval from the FAA, proving their airworthiness and quality. Certificates for approved parts should be included by the producer of the standard part or parts supplier.

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November 20, 2023

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