What Are The Basics of a Helicopter

Despite the many differences with commercial, private and military aircraft, the same principle of flight generally applies with each vessel. A helicopter works similarly in that it is able to take flight thanks to the various many components that make up the vessel.

The helicopter rotor and tail rotor are just a few of the components that enable the aircraft to take flight. For a basic outline of how these parts work together to create lift for the flying machine, read more below.

  • Tail Rotor & Tail Boom

The tail rotor uses its adjoining pedals to create and manage horizontal lift. Typically a two blade system, the tail rotor consists of a ducted fan and a high pressure bleed air reaction system (RCS), with the latter being sometimes referred to as the NOTAR (NoTail) system. As of 2009, more advanced models have been released that have a more complex multi blade rotor system.

Meanwhile, the tail boom consists of a hanging" tail rotor shaft driven by a secondary gear set turned by the main drive-shaft. It can be found attached to the cockpit via a series of bolts that can be easily removed during maintenance work. The boom houses the shaft, but also offers a mounting assembly for the tail rotor blade system.

  • Cockpit & Main Rotor

The cockpit is what is often portrayed in film and other media. Made up of an instrument panel and control system, the technology in the cockpit allows the pilot to view and adjust lighting, climate control systems, as well as manage the cyclic and tail rotor pedal controls. The main rotor is the primary piece that is responsible for creating the helicopter’s capability for lift. This rotor is made up of two sub-assemblies, with the first being the rotor assembly.

Also called the rotor hub, this part has the blades connected to hinge mechanisms that allows the blades to lift under the aircraft's pitch and power. The rotor hub also allows for the blades to move the aircraft forward and aft. In the rigid system, the blades are integrated with the rotor assembly and there are no hinges.

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September 16, 2019

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